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McGraw-Hill Education Purchasing Agreement

McGraw-Hill Education provides innovative learning tools and teaching solutions for higher education institutions nationwide. McGraw Hill provides GICA member institutions with affordable learning materials for faculty, students, and administrators across the curriculum. Leveraging the aggregated purchasing power of GICA members, McGraw-Hill is pleased to offer significant cost savings for digital and print course materials.

Learning tools and institutional services available to GICA members:

  • Affordable Learning Solutions: Based on GICA’s curriculum and enrollments, McGraw-Hill can provide discounted access to digital content, e-books, print on demand books, interactive exercises and testing materials, and teaching support.
  • Curriculum Coverage: McGraw-Hill provides learning materials across all course areas, from college readiness and general education to degree-granting courses and programs.
  • Academic Choice: McGraw-Hill’s wide range of quality learning materials across the curriculum allow for greatest faculty choice and teaching flexibility.
  • Accessibility: McGraw-Hill learning solutions are designed to support the internationally established and shared Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). Our commitment to support WCAG 2.0 means we strive to provide students with disabilities timely access to solutions that plug-and-play with the assistive technologies integrated into a variety of devices, including screen reader technologies, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • Technical Integration: All curriculum materials, grading, and reporting tools integrate with GICA members’ learning management and campus reporting systems.
  • Faculty and Student Training: McGraw-Hill provides comprehensive training for both students and faculty on the use of any chosen digital content and course learning materials.

To access information specific to the GICA agreement, please contact Todd Turner at 563-451-2076.

GICA Member Institutions