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Ways to Contribute
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How To Contribute To GICA

Contributions to GICA and its member schools may take many forms, depending on the donor's objective. All donors can rest assured that GICA adheres to the “GICA Donors’ Bill of Rights”. Below are some of the most popular giving options. Regardless of the size and nature of your gift, GICA welcomes the opportunity to consult with any prospective contributor to determine the vehicle that best meets a donor's desire.

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Contact Lisa Macke, Vice President for Member Services, at (404) 233-5433 ext. 24 for additional information on giving opportunities.

Types of Gifts

  • Institutional Gifts
    Some donors may wish to honor institutional allegiances or support particular programs at member colleges and universities by designating their gifts for one or more member campuses. Such gifts are immediately distributed to the designated institutions, but can benefit GICA by qualifying for matching funds and stimulating other donor gifts.
  • GA Scholarship Program
    Unrestricted gifts represent a vital source of flexibility for member institutions to meet their changing needs. Virtually all undesignated funds are used by GICA colleges and universities to provide financial aid for students. Fundraising members share equally in 60% of invested funds; the remaining 40% are distributed based on undergraduate enrollment. 
  • Planned Giving & Endowment Gifts
    An endowment is a pool of funds that continues in perpetuity, thereby forming the monetary basis on which the Association can provide thousands of dollars in scholarship aid to deserving, needy students. Gifts to the endowment make a lasting tribute in honor or memory of individuals and loved ones. The principal of an endowment fund is invested for future earnings; providing a stream of income to support current needs. GICA’s seeks to grow their endowment funds in order to provide necessary financial aid to more students attending one of our 25 member institutions. These endowment funds enhance the educational experience of many students and faculty through scholarship, financial aid and financial assistance and awards.
  • In-kind and Other Gifts
    In some instances, a company may choose to make a contribution of products, surplus inventory or equipment that might benefit the GICA administrative offices or its member institutions. GICA has received in-kind gifts or loans of both goods and services, including computers, office furniture, and printing services. Additional gift-giving alternatives might include gifts of securities such as stock, endowment bequests, real estate, and personal property or proceeds from their sale, life insurance policies naming GICA as beneficiary, and annuities and trust funds.

Scholarship and Award Programs

Donor requests for giving options that address specific business or educational concerns have led to GICA's growing involvement in the design and administration of customized scholarship and award programs. GICA has the expertise and the staff resources to design and administer creative giving programs based on guidelines agreed upon with the sponsoring organization.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Meeting Sponsorship Opportunities: Throughout the year, GICA brings together various senior level affinity groups for one- and two-day professional development opportunities. These meetings are crucial as they allow our members to share best practices, hear from regionally and nationally known speakers, and create and nurture relationships which are vital to the success of future collaborative initiatives.

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