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The following resources are offered to the staff and faculty members of our member institutions for educational purposes as they seek to learn more about various topics in higher education.  The resources are meant to be relevant and sound resources in the various areas.  In some cases, the resource may appear to be dated, but is actually still a much-used source.  For example, the federal government invested in research to a greater degree in the 90s related to understanding alcohol and other drug abuse on college campuses and formulating model prevention programs than in more recent decades.  So, while some of the below resources are older publications, the resources are still considered valid and effective.

EDGAR and AOD Prevention

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
National Social Norms Center Link Administration 9/5/2019
Nine Principles of Effective Prevention Programs Link  more ] Administration 9/5/2019
Illinois: Illinois Higher Education Center Link  more ] Administration 7/25/2019
Missouri: Partners in Prevention-Univ. of Missouri Link  more ] Administration 7/25/2019
TN: Coalition for Healthy & Safe Campus Com. Link  more ] Administration 7/25/2019
Fed Enforcement of Drug-Free Schools Regulations Link Administration 7/25/2019
Education Department's Report on Alcohol and Drugs PDF (187.49 KB)  more ] Administration 7/25/2019
Safe Supportive Learning Link Administration 7/25/2019
NCHIP: Learning Collaborative High-Risk Drinking Link  more ] Administration 7/25/2019
National Council on Patient Info (Rx Abuse) Link  more ] Administration 7/25/2019
The Core Institute Link Administration 7/25/2019
College Drinking—Changing the Culture Link Administration 7/25/2019
NIAAA Report (A Call to Action) Link Administration 8/16/2019
AlcoholEdu (EverFi) Link Administration 7/25/2019
American College Health Association Link Administration 7/25/2019
The Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) Link Administration 7/25/2019
Higher Education Center for Alcohol & Drug Misuse Link Administration 7/25/2019
NIAAA Resource: College Alcohol Intervention Matr Link Administration 7/25/2019

Pandemic Preparedness

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
IS-522 Exercising Continuity Plans for Pandemics Link Administration 8/6/2019
FEMA Institute Pandemic Preparedness Indep Study Link  more ] Administration 8/6/2019
REMS Public Health Annex Link Administration 8/6/2019
REMS Higher Education Planning Resources Link Administration 8/6/2019
REMS Technical Assistance Center Link  more ] Administration 8/6/2019
Get_Your_School_Ready_for_Pandemic_Flu.pdf PDF (2.41 MB) Administration 8/2/2019
Get_Your_Community_Ready_for_Pandemic_Flu.pdf PDF (1.65 MB) Administration 8/2/2019
CDC_College_and_University_Pandemic_Flu_Planni.pdf PDF (170.04 KB) Administration 8/2/2019

Student Retention

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Acceleration in Developmental Education.pdf PDF (381.87 KB) Administration 9/1/2019
Advancing To Completion.pdf PDF (3.01 MB) Administration 9/1/2019
Adaptive Learning Report.pdf PDF (296.89 KB) Administration 9/1/2019

Transfer Student Support

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
ECS: Transfer & Articulation Policies Link  more ] Administration 8/6/2019
Role_of_Presidential_Leadership_in_Improving_N.pdf PDF (55.66 KB) Administration 8/6/2019
Removing_Barriers_to_Transfer_-_An_Unlikely_Al.pdf PDF (199.35 KB) Administration 8/6/2019
Re-imagining_CCs_in_the_21st_Century.pdf PDF (159.6 KB) Administration 8/6/2019
Recognizing_and_Serving_Low-Income_Students_in.pdf PDF (581.53 KB) Administration 8/6/2019
Problem_with_Being_a_Transfer_Student.pdf PDF (56.69 KB) Administration 8/6/2019
NSC_Report_on_Postsecondary_Outcomes_of_Transf.pdf PDF (3.1 MB) Administration 8/6/2019
Lumina_Foundation_Grant_Effort_to_Boost_Comple.pdf PDF (115.09 KB) Administration 8/6/2019
Improving_Student_Transfer_from_CC_to_4_Year_I.pdf PDF (1.41 MB) Administration 8/6/2019
Fostering_a_Transfer_Student_Receptive_Ecosyst.pdf PDF (276.54 KB) Administration 8/6/2019
Creating_Bridges_Between_Institutions.pdf PDF (233.74 KB) Administration 8/6/2019

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